A cosplayers guide to the….


Welcome Cosplayers!

At Edge of the World Expo we aim to create a space for cosplayers of all ages and expertise.

This means creating a space that is safe, enjoyable and friendly.

Please have a read through our guide to help with the following;

– General Cosplay Guidelines

– Cosplay Parade

– Cosplay Competition

Always remember—Cosplay is not Consent!


Edge of the World would like to emphasise the family nature of the event and encourages those who cosplay to dress appropriately.

Due to the tragic events of March 2019 we would encourage attendees to not wear military costumes nor bring realistic prop guns.

Weapons Policy

Disclaimer—All weapons need to be inspected before entering the venue to ensure they meet our Health and Safety Guidelines .

No weapons/props that are metal;

No bladed or blunt weapons

No weapons that can launch projectiles (Nerf Guns are acceptable on the condition they are permanently disabled)

Prop Bows must be unstrung or on a very low tension, with arrows secured to the costume quiver

No slingshots

Chain Mail is acceptable as long as other large items are made from a con friendly material

Weapons must be under two meters and under five kilograms

Mundane/Misc Items

Walking sticks, as generally used as a mobility aid, are allowed into the event

Health and Safety

It is within the best interest of those who attend to follow cosplay guidelines to allow for an event that upholds the Health and Safety of fellow attendees.

Always remember to ask cosplayers for permission to take their photos Cosplay is not Consent

If in doubt over a costume or costume piece please contact;



Cosplay Parade

We strive to give you as much opportunity to show off your cosplay as possible.
Our Cosplay Parade gives you the chance to show off what you have, no matter the fandom, character or age.

To sign up for the Parade simply sign up at the front desk before Midday Saturday.


To be confirmed..


Categories 2021

With Covid-19 causing some much worry and uncertainty over the last 12 months, the Edge of the World team have decided that this year Cosplay will be all about fun and inclusivity. We have made our competition very simple, and we know that this may disappoint some diehard competitive cosplayers. (we are sorry…)

But, our event is all about community. We want all regular cosplayers, first timers and those just entering on a whim to feel supported, uplifted and included.

Therefore, there are two categories.. total


This is for all the kids and teens 15 years and under!


This is for all adults and teens 16 years and over

Soooooooo…. let’s get dressed up Dunedin and do what we do best, make everyone feel welcome and have some fun!!

Thank you for your understanding
The Edge of The World Team


To download this cosplay guide, click here